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A little Grammar lesson


I have to get something off my chest.  This is not flex or flash or even development related.  It deals with grammar and the English language.

The other day, I was listening to a radio program about finance and local Boston news.  One of the radio hosts, who claims to be a writer for the Boston Globe, said something like, “me and her saw this…..”.   I generally don’t expect much from the media or radio talk show host.  But I do expect that a person who gets paid to speak and/or write, AND has an outlet to reach thousands, if not millions would have the discipline to speak properly.

So the grammar lesson for the day is the proper use of personal and object pronouns.  To correct the radio host, you would not say, “me and her”, you would say “she and I”.   I went to the store, not me went to the store.  She went to bed, not her went to bed.

Ok.  So now I have probably opened myself up to a great deal of personal attacks on my own use of proper/improper grammar by writing this post.  Hey, at least I try.

More grammar lessons to come.


2 thoughts on “A little Grammar lesson

  1. Thanks jw… that stuff bugs me too. I am into a technical report and one of my reviewers commented that I should make the following correction;

    Phrase used: The x-axes is fixed…

    Suggested correction: The x-axes are fixed…

    The text is referring to one axes (singular, hence the use of “is”). I believe that the original wording is correct. Do you, or does another reader know for sure which is correct?


  2. Well I had never really thought about this one. I did confirm via dictionary.com (http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/axis) that “axes ” IS (or are in this case? oops…) indeed the plural form of axis. This leads me to conclude that you are correct:

    The axis [pronounced ak-sis] IS fixed.
    The axes [pronounced ak-seez] ARE fixed.

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