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A quick rebuttal.


Being the ego-centric human that I am, I often check out my blog stats. Yes, I am guilty of using my blog as a means of shameless self promotion. Who out there writing a blog isn’t in some way?

Anyhow I am going through, checking in on some of the incoming links and found this nay-sayer. Basically our friend here is saying that the Flex framework is a failure because it requires some…

  • …insight into the flex framework,
  • some sense of exploration,
  • and a developer who likes a challenge.

I am no flex evangelist (yet) but I think the benefits (see list below) that Flex and Flash offer by-far outweigh the concerns of this ass-clown. I am curious as to what he proposes as a more suitable framework over the Flex/Flash, which currently has this over its competitors:

  • near ubiquity in mature markets. Check out some of the flash player adoption stats here.
  • cross browser compatibility
  • cross platform compatibility
  • better player updates that are nearly transparent to the user
  • far better accessibility hookups than HTML or AJAX

So I think these benefits are pretty hard to argue and have been established for quite some time. This doesn’t even include developer-targeted benefits. So Mr. NotBoss, as a child did you expect to get your Legos/K’nex/Lincoln Logs fully assembled for you?

Anyway, the defense rests. No further questions Your Honor.


5 thoughts on “A quick rebuttal.

  1. The ONE huge thing is lower development time as well. I can crank out apps faster with Flex than HTML/AJAX.

  2. … and it’s more fun too 😉

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  4. Hey! You made me laugh! First time I’ve been called all those hyphenated things. Sorry if my post wasn’t clear. I didn’t mean the entire flex framework was a failure. I actually enjoy using Flex. But I have used other GUI toolkits and they make adding affordances trivial. I’d rather spend my time dealing with more interesting problems than diging into Framework code to stick little buttons on tabs and in window title bars. Wouldn’t you? Either way, have fun and thanks for making me laugh.

  5. “I’d rather spend my time dealing with more interesting problems than diging into Framework code to stick little buttons on tabs and in window title bars. Wouldn’t you?”

    That depends on the problem. If it is something like figuring out some agreed-upon GUI/service layer issue, say… ‘hey mTier, you are not sending the right object properties’, then no, I’d rather be sticking buttons in Panels and TitleWindows.

    I think in the near future, the new frontier in web development will be made in the GUI side of things, like how to make a kick ass frontend even more so. There is only so much new ground to be broke on the model and command side of things. Not to say there isn’t any, but the fun stuff to me is making new tools and components and learning the intricacies of the flex framework.

    To each their own I suppose.

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