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So I wanted to upload some pics of my new LinkTitlePod which is just an extension of my Pod class (which is a Panel subclass). The cool thing about the Pod classes is that you can add anything you want to the titleBar area. Of course there is some work to be done right now in terms of sizing but I will tackle that a little later on.

So LinkTitlePod is basically a pod but the title area is interactive. Also you can style it however you want. The one pictured here is just using the basic MX skins.

Also you can find the source for these guys here.

LinkTitlePod w/ cursor over TitleLinkTitlePod w/ cursor over added buttonLinkTitlePod w/ cursor over added ComboBox


3 thoughts on “LinkTitlePod

  1. can you please post an example of the usage (mxml). Thanks.

  2. Hi Raj. I am actually going to plug this functionality (the clickable title) into the regular pod class. Once I do that I will probably start making example pages on the jwo_lib wiki. I will keep you posted.

  3. Thanks, looking forward to it.

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