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new component: TileCanvas


If you have ever seen the Flex Phone Store, then you may have been wowed by the nifty tile animation effects used to move, sort, and drag n’ drop its items.

I started recreating a more solid and reusable component-ized version of their ‘TileCanvas’. I don’t have any screenshots yet but you can play with it here.

There are plenty of bugs regarding some of the sorting and DnD stuff from other components. But in itself it works pretty good. I will be releasing the code and swc here shortly via Google Code.

Again, any feedback is appreciated.


  • 2007.04.19 – added TileCanvas to jwo_lib.swc. Download here.

10 thoughts on “new component: TileCanvas

  1. Very cool. Look forward to getting the code.

  2. Hey,

    I’ve built my own version of this so far.
    One addition that i am currently looking to make is so that it can handle 100,000+ records without paging controls.
    I would be interested to see your code to help with my own optimisations.


  3. Hi,
    what an awesome component. What happens when you resize it at runtime?

  4. Very very nice…..please anybody add some more flashy feeling to your flex-app. Sometimes I’m thinking I’m programming advanced HTML, hah

  5. Thanks for the input. As to the question regarding what happens when you resize it. Aside from the TileCanvas itself being able to resize, nothing happens to the tiles themselves. In fact I hadn’t really even given that any thought. But thanks for the idea.

    Right now I can’t upload via svn to google code but I am working on it. In the meantime, if you are interested in playing with it, I will upload a new swc with it.

  6. Great component, you should post it to flexlib:


    thanks Paolo

  7. Thanks for publishing the swc, this is a great component !

  8. Awsome component !!

    Do you know if filtefunction is supposed to work on the dataprovider
    Sorting works great.

    thx Lars

  9. Filtering and Sorting are a bit buggy. I haven’t really revisited the component as of late. I plan to at some time. If any of you are interested in contributing to the jwo_lib, let me know. I could always use the help.

  10. hi,

    how i use the TileCanvas? The example have a source code for download?

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