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Source Code for jwo_lib components have been added.


Finally got around to getting my source code on my components uploaded. Below is a list of components:

You can find the project home page here. I will be updating the wiki later on.


12 thoughts on “Source Code for jwo_lib components have been added.

  1. Yo, I’ll have to check your components and see whatcha been up to. Good to see you’re still around and rocking. Drop me a line some time.

  2. One thing is not clear to me..
    If you distribute your library in SWC format, why do you name you library as open-sourced?

    How can easily derive the source code from SWC? 😉

  3. I posted the swc for those who want to use the components with out setting up a project.

    If you want the source files you can use an SVN client to get them and modify. http://code.google.com/p/jwopitz-lib/source

  4. Thanks for the response and giving me the right directions to download the code.

    The code looks very nice, I appreciate your efforts and solid interesting approach for making HyperLink component.

    I wonder while all protected variables name at your components starts with underscore symbol, IMHO this makes API look bad.

    I use underscore symbol only for private variables names.

    If you want we can continue discussion in emails.

  5. In my understanding, if you share your library as SWC component it would be nice to be accompanied with ASDoc help documentation for components public API.

    Otherwise SWC library looks like a black box to the external developer.

  6. BTW. nice example of distribution model where only SWC file is included, not sources can be located here:

  7. I have done some documentation for the components however my ASDOC generator doesn’t seem to work.

    So for the time being it will be without the docs. Sorry folks.

    As for the protected vars starting with underscore. Yeah, maybe it looks bad, and yeah, maybe I will change that. But old habits are really hard to break. I will make an effort at some point to rectify it.

  8. Again, thanks for an answer.

    I understand your point about code habits, each of us has some code habits that were grown up during years of coding!

    Again, let me reassure you, I love your code!

    Please, do notify Mike Potter here of your open-sourced library existanse http://www.flex.org/components/

  9. I compiled the src for the TileList component with asdoc and posted the output here:

    Justin, could you please post a couple simple filtering code samples using TileList in the comments or perhaps post the source used to create this:



  10. Hi Skye,

    Thanks for doing that. I have never gotten around to getting my ASDoc to work ever. One thing I noticed, which a few have commented on, is that my API’s use of _underscore on protected variables is pretty ugly. I should probably clean that up a bit at some point. Old habits die hard I suppose.

    As for the source for that example, you can get it at http://jwopitz-lib.googlecode.com/files/tileCanvasSource.rar

    There are no filters on it but there is a sort. You should probably note that sorting and filtering have some serious functional bugs associated with the TileCanvas.

  11. >You should probably note that sorting
    > and filtering have some serious
    > functional bugs associated with the TileCanvas.

    Maybe I can help? I’m realatively new to Flex but I’m rather comfortable with AS2 and have been getting rapidly up to speed with AS3. Perhaps I get get up to speed moreso by helping work on TileCanvas. If you’re interested and willing to provide some guidance, shoot me an email and I’ll send you my IM contact info.



  12. This is realy good and worth to read. ,

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