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Wii Remote + Flash/Flex = ?


First off. Either I am severely out of shape or I really went at it too hard. But I am sore as hell. I prefer to think the later though. Wii boxing & tennis are as addicting as… well um… crack?

So after my initial ravaging of the Wii and a Wii Sports marathon, I got to thinking. How could I hack this puppy and do some really cool things? Has anyone played Chick-Chick-Boom? Probably one of the funnest flash games out there this year. And I am addicted. And did anyone notice? Its a Nintendo Flash game!

The point is this: We have a really cool user interface tool (i.e. the Wii remote) and we have easy access to create incredible web experiences (with Flash and Flex). I don’t know about you, but I stand at a precipice, looking down at the valley of innovative web experiences using these combined technologies. Remember Minority Report?

So here is my proposed game plan:

  1. Find out how the Wii remote works – done*
  2. Find/make a suitable conduit to facilitate communication between the Wii remote and a PC – done*
  3. Improve upon this conduit to make interactions closely resemble those on the Wii console
  4. Translate the information into something useful (i.e. an API) for a Flash/Flex application to utilize. Obviously if we develop a user interface to make use of traditional gestures like mouse moves, clicks, keyboard clicks, etc.. then we will have failed, But if you make use of the Wii gestures, then we can…
  5. Develop kick ass applications that make use of this technology.

* There are documents and some alpha quality programs out there already.


7 thoughts on “Wii Remote + Flash/Flex = ?

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  2. I’m all for new methods of procrastination. Good plan! Have you any links to the “documents and some alpha quality programs”?

  3. Just added some links that I have found so far.

  4. If there was a flex based version of Katamari Damacy for a wii controller, that would be soooo awesome.

    This is a great idea, keep it up. I can imagine you using a flex app that navigates data and emails, etc.

  5. I love the wii, having played it for the first time only a few days ago – like most people, bowling tennis and boxing did it for me!
    I’ve used the wiicade a/s classes to get a response from the wiimote, but everything I’ve done looks too “point-and-click” and less like a true wii game so far.

    But what about putting a few hidden shapes about on the screen, which have to be activated (mouseover) in a specific sequence? That should help create the illusion of a wii-style game…. of course if you know where the shapes/rollovers are, it’s a bit easy, but you get the idea – like a sort of “dot-to-dot” with the wiimote.

  6. The Wii is really great.

    Such an innovative thing and yet it seems ridiculous that nobody had ever though about it before.

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