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Update @ FlexBox


In case you haven’t heard about FlexBox, its a site with a big (and growing) list of various custom Flex components.   Fellow flex developer Mrinal Wadhwa has just made a major update to the component listings.  And if you haven’t submitted your own custom component… well maybe you should.


6 thoughts on “Update @ FlexBox

  1. I see FlexBox as showing 101 components, which is what it has always shown. Am I missing something?

  2. I am seeing 140. According to Mrinal, he is planning several updates this week.

  3. Thank you for the press Justin 🙂

    @Brian: Are you still seeing just 101 components?

  4. Ah, interesting. I tried again in Firefox and still see 101. But I loaded it in IE and see 140, so there must be a caching issue. Good to know, thanks for the response!

  5. Sorry to use your blog for flexbox tech support, but just one update. I tried a shift-reload in Firefox, to make sure I was getting the correct SWF, and that didn’t change anything. But then I cleared the browser cache, and now I see 140.

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