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RegExp: Tossed into the deep end (& yet another Free RegExp tool)

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Yeah so I had my first real experience with RegExp. Like a timid, prepubescent girl I quickly glanced the LiveDocs for RegExp, only to quickly giggle, blush and run off to tell my other little friends. No really, I was a complete noob.

Today I couldn’t run off to something else. A task dictated that I learn it. But luckily I had an experienced RexExp developer there along my side. So now I am really intrigued. And like some poor guest on the Maury show, I have tasted it and I want more… ok ok, so enough with the analogies.

Anywho…. So I know there are probably tons of these free tools out there, but I figured I would add another RegExp explorer for AS3. Let me know if it sucks. Maybe I will update it.



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