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Dashed HRule & VRule Components


No biggie.  This isn’t an original concept in the least bit. But I figure I will add to the stew and present my own modified HRule and VRule.  These guys took maybe a total of 20 minutes to make.  I got so sick of programmatically doing dashed lines, I figured what the hell, let’s just make em.

I decided to keep the same relative package and class names as well. So instead of mx.controls.HRule, you would use com.jwopitz.controls.HRule.

The only use issue is that in order to see the dashes, you just declare the style dashLength="some number". Its default is 0 so you can use these guys just as you would a normal mx.controls.HRule.

You can play with them here. I will be adding these guys to the jwo_lib soon.


8 thoughts on “Dashed HRule & VRule Components

  1. Man, the summer sun must have gone to my head a baked my brains.

    I forgot to load the source. So I will add the swc to my download box to the right. The source can be had at jwo_lib later today.

  2. Ok so apparently I cannot upload to my box. Alrighty then, I guess you folks will have to wait till I upload to jwo_lib.

    Sorry 🙂

  3. The source can be downloaded from the project source files here:


    Everything should be all set with the project now.

  4. Nice,
    Im always having to write dashed lines in Actionscript and I just havent had the time to extend the HRule, VRule classes. And now i dont have to!

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  6. Just wanted to say thanks! You saved me a bunch of time.

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