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Weekly Riddle: Inheritance


An old woman dies leaving an inheritance of $33,333.  There are two fathers and two sons, each receiving $11,111 apiece.  How is this possible?

[note] – this is a lame-o riddle since I didn’t have time to think or find one worthy of your attention.  I have been out of town and hadn’t brushed up on my riddles as of late.  Next week perhaps.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Riddle: Inheritance

  1. Not being American, I’m not sure about this one. Where I live you would use a 20c and a 10c. That sounds too easy though 🙂

    Any chance you could post the answer to your old riddles once they are more than a week old?

  2. Well that is one answer I didn’t think of. Touché

    As for the answers you can get them here:

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