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The future of this blog? My other blog?

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So if you are a loyal reader (ha.. who am I kidding?) then you have probably noticed the lack of Flex/Flash related posts.  Firstly, I apologize for this as I have become somewhat disenchanted with Flex development.  Its not that I don’t enjoy it, its more that I have so little time to share discoveries and I lack the motivation to write about it.  Maybe its the call of the summer.  But its more likely that I have rediscovered my previous passion – music.  Secondly I have way too many interests and I cycle through them occasionally.

Anyway.  If you are a music lover, then you might be interested in reading my other blog – http://raiseyourfists.wordpress.com/.  I like writing and sharing.  I like talking about music too.  So I figure I will redirect my attention to things that I am currently passionate about.  That is not to mean that I will not be posting Flex related post here.  Quite to the contrary, I will be doing just that AND I will keep posting weekly riddles since I think that furthers brain development.  I only hope they are challenging.  Else I will have to break out the MENSA book of riddles.  YIKES!!!


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