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My Experience installing CS3


There are 4 words that immediately come to mind when reflecting on my just-finished installation of Adobe’s CS3 Creative Suite.


My God! What happened to simple installations of their products?  It took me only a mere minute to uninstall Flash 9 Public Alpha.  Another minute to uninstall the various versions of the Flash Player.  So why did it take nearly an hour to install this beast?

And the time spent is really not what pisses me off the most.  As a vigilant developer, I have partitioned my hard drive on my laptop into 3 sections for ease of organization, security, sharing and defragging:

  • C: Operating System – 10GB
  • D: Program Files – 20GB
  • E: Files – 50GB

So normally when installing software I install on my D drive.  Its a simple half-second procedure to swap the C: for the D: in destination installation folder.  Then things proceed normally.  CS3 however does not give you the option to install everything the way you, the consumer, should be able to.  I was still able to install a good gig of crap on D: however Adobe insists on putting shit called “shared components” on the C: drive.  Am I not capable of directing future installs to the shared component directory if need be?  Does Adobe lack faith in its consumers to install their software in a place other than the default C: drive?  What the hell is the point of having separate partitions if they still insist on adding, well … more crap to a drive I have specified as “off-limits” to all but the most necessary applications and drivers?

WTF!!!  I am royally pissed at Adobe by this experience.  This is the same shit Apple pulls on its iTunes & iPod users regarding files, updates, libraries.  Let’s hope the few time I actually use Flash or Fireworks is worth the hassle of their stupid installer.


3 thoughts on “My Experience installing CS3

  1. For what it’s worth, I know that there’s widespread awareness within Adobe that the current installation experience needs radical improvement.

    They did a big job, merging the Adobe Suite and Macromedia Studio installation processes (across OS, languages, and bundlings), but all the new shared color and font libraries made for a big install.

    I’m sorry for the hassle, but fortunately you’re over the worst part now — using CS3 is a lot more fun than installing it. We aim to improve installation on the next go-round.


  2. Hi John,

    nice to hear that Adobe will improve the installer in the future. I’ve installed the CS3 Design Premium Trial a few weeks ago and it’s really bad there is no ability of an advanced or costum install where the user can decide

    a) if he wants to install all of the common apps (not everyone needs Bridge for example)
    b) where to install the programm files
    c) if he wants to install the sample files (and the pdf documetation)
    d) where the shortcuts in the start menu will be placed (it’s not very nice to store the shortcuts in the main progam ‘folder’! – especially if these shortcuts ‘come back’ every time you start or update programs –> i.e. Reader 7.0.9) (Windows only)
    e) if he wants to put program icons on the desktop (Windows only)

    I can remember all/some of these things were implemented in the past (Adobe and Macromedia). This would be great to get back!

    Best regards

    PS: Sorry for the bad English…

  3. Dude, I’m totally on your side. The Adobe installer is a freaking pain in the a$$. I completely agree on everything you say – my harddrive is partitioned in pretty much the same way, yet programs insist on putting all kinds of crap on C: without you even being ABLE to change that. I’m trying to simply install only flash cs3 out of the cs3 master suite install routine – flash only needs 514 MB, yet it says the whole install requires 1.4 GIG??? WTF!!!! 3 times the size of what I actually want to install? Man, if there is only one program checked, why would it even need “shared components”… this is so useless, senseless… madness.

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