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Added ASDOCs to jwo_lib

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Yes finally I have added ASDOCs to jwo_lib.  I am sorry it has taken this long.  It is still a work in progress too so if you see some things that just don’t jive, post a comment or give it a few days and it should be fine.   I am also taking this coming week to post the sample applications in order to show off the components in jwo_lib.

jwo_lib asdocs

One thing to note is that for some reason Firefox doesn’t render the frames for the docs.  IE seems to work fine.


One thought on “Added ASDOCs to jwo_lib

  1. If you folks know why FF won’t render the asdocs as html while IE does, please let me know. I simply added to the svn repository which is what I assume flex_lib does.
    Alrighty, thanks.

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