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Added example swf files to jwo_lib


Yeah yeah yeah. I know you are probably saying ‘Big Deal!’. Well it was long over due. Here is the links for you folks:


But there is that problem of it not properly rendering the html files in Firefox. Fine in IE but FF craps out. You can read a forum post about the issue…



3 thoughts on “Added example swf files to jwo_lib

  1. Justin,

    Open your HTML page in FF, right-click on page and select “Page Info”. Check MIME type of document — it’s text/plain rather then text/html.

    So, in fact, FF displays your page correctly as plain text, and IE ignores MIME type and incorrectly displays pages as HTML 🙂

    So you need to tweak MIME types in SVN in google code, or just copy examples out of SVN tree.


  2. Ok that worked great for the html pages and gifs. Thanks for the lead. For some reason though it does not want to render the jpegs. I did change the MIME type to image/jpeg but to no avail. Any suggestions for that one?

    Thanks again.

  3. nevermind I think I have it. It required more changing of the MIME types to the css and js as well. Very interesting lesson for me.

    Thanks VS for the help.

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