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Contractors Beware: US Airways


Preface: Since I am a contractor and do quite a bit of traveling, I figured I would write this as a word of warning for other contractors and as a means to fight back. So to kick this off I would like to say: To all the big businesses whose customer service policies like to thumb their noses to the very people who keep their asses in business. KISS MY ASS!!!

So why am I bitching about this? Well firstly because the very declaration to do so (i.e. my blogging about it) influenced an atypical response from an industry that typically could give two shits about the consumer. Acts of God, weather, etc., are understandable in flight delays. Stupidity and the unwillingness to rectify a situation are not understandable and not acceptable.

You may ask why I use the word consumer versus passenger. The main reason being is that I feel by hammering this point home, maybe sufficient numbers will recognize that they are not merely helpless passengers, but consumers with the power of choice. Secondly I feel that by using key words such as “US Airways Customer Service” and “consumer” that this post will be found among top post in search engines. Today the internet is my weapon. Bear arms and wage war. Alright, let’s kick this off:

  1. consumer purchases ticket off US Airways’ website (not via a finder-service site or travel agency)
  2. consumer lands at connecting city’s airport
  3. consumers haven’t disembarked from plane yet (keep with me here)
  4. pilot informs consumers that there will be a short delay as there is some equipment blocking the plane from pulling up to the jetway
  5. 10 minutes pass
  6. pilot informs consumers that there will be further delay in moving aforementioned equipment
  7. many consumers hail flight attendants with concerns about making connecting flights
  8. a total of 30+ minutes pass sitting at a terminal before disembarkation
  9. many consumers miss connecting flights

So two questions come to mind after hearing this situation:

  • Could the plane not have been directed to another gate?
  • Could they have not brought forth a mobile staircase so that consumers could disembark and catch connecting flights?

Both questions were asked and neither were answered. But I digress. Let us continue.

  1. Many consumers who have now missed their connecting flights make their way to customer service desks to find alternate means to their final destinations
  2. One consumer follows suit
  3. Said consumer raises Holy Hell at the US Airways Customer Service desk to rectify the situation and to receive compensation for untimely inconveniences
  4. US Airways Customer Service at first is unwilling to do anything more than to find another connecting flight to said consumer’s final destination
  5. US Airways Customer Service has the gall to indicate to the consumer that it was the consumer’s fault as he did not allow for enough time between flights to make connecting flight
  6. Consumer reminds US Airways Customer Service that it was their website that calculated the itinerary AND that US Airways has been responsible for 2 other incidents where consumer lost time and money for US Airways’ poorly conducted business
  7. US Airways Customer Service still has the gall to pass blame to consumer
  8. Said consumer indicates that the situation will be written about and read by people in said consumer’s industry who so happen to be consumers of US Airways and other airlines
  9. US Airways Customer Service is now willing to do more
  10. Consumer receives a $200 travel voucher and a $10 meal ticket to be used within the Philly, PA airport
  11. Consumer indicates that this incident will still be written about but will present the facts as fairly as possible
  12. US Airways Customer Service agent asks that consumer please do not do so

Up to this point it sounds like US Airways Customer Service finally saw the errors of their ways and rectified the situation. The consumer was somewhat pleased that US Airways acquiesced, though still pissed due to missed time. Time passes and new things come to light.

  1. Consumer intends to use $200 voucher to return home
  2. Consumer cannot find a place on the US Airways website to redeem voucher
  3. Consumer calls US Airways Customer Service
  4. First attempt results in speaking with unintelligible US Airways Customer Service agent which ends with said agent dropping the call mid-sentence
  5. Second attempt results in speaking with an intelligible US Airways Customer Service agent who happens to validate the voucher and starts to find potential flights
  6. Second US Airways Customer Service agent happens to put consumer on hold indefinitely (15+ minutes with no audible indication that US Airways Customer Service agent was still assisting the consumer)

If you haven’t guessed so far, I am that consumer. Or rather I am that ex-consumer of US Airways. You can take your measly $200 voucher and shove it up your Corporate-America-The-Customer-Is-Always-Wrong asses.  My time is my most precious commodity.  I lost out on participating in a time and weather sensitive activity with my family.  Their voucher cannot make up for that. For those readers who view this as more than merely a rant, but as a means of fighting these kind of business practices, you too should rise up, inform those companies that you will do so, then write about it. Make sure you use the name of the company and the word “consumer” profusely. This will bring your situation to the attention of like minded consumers who don’t take this kind of behavior sitting down. Fortunately the web is the weapon of choice for the informed consumer. Use it. Bring these bastards to their bloody knees.

You know there is an old saying, “if you don’t vote, don’t complain about it”. So start bitchin’


7 thoughts on “Contractors Beware: US Airways

  1. I guess I wasn’t the only one. And these are just the consumers who were probably pissed enough to actually file a complaint.

    Way to go US Airways


  2. Sorry to hear that. I recall a couple of years having flown in another airline. They had sent my luggage to spain in some other plane. The thing was that basically my luggage was in theory flying to spain. they had sort of lost it. I remained calm throughout the hour trying to see via new york or miami, which way I could go. In the end I had lost all that time. I asked the attendant politely to compensate and to put me in first class. That took care of some business. Then I looked to my side and a hot broad sort of glanced and heard the flight attendant put me in first class. So we started a conversation. next thing you know, she gave me her number. I had no time of seeing her in spain. but believe me… sometimes you never know how great lemons could taste.

  3. so… amidst turmoil… there is always an opportunity to score big.

  4. Not sure, US Airways will change something

  5. I empathize. I am so mad at US Airways right now I could scream. In fact, with all I went through on the phone, I am completely and utterly exhausted. Not only does “Customer Relations” not care, but they will not do anything about the situations they put their passengers in unless there is a natural disaster of some type.

    In brief, my 3 kids couldn’t come home tonight do to air traffic control problems and missing their connecting flight. Of course, their luggage was sent on to Austin, TX but they have to get a hotel room, pay for dinner, and have no clothes until they are re-routed in the AM. It was not their fault. Over 20 passengers stranded. You’d think that US Airways would try to route them on another airline or at least put them up for the night. If I have to listen to one more “English is my 2nd language” person who doesn’t give a damn, I am going to puke. Like you said though, it’s not worth my time to even write a complaint at this point. US Airlines is a lost cause.


    Another ex-consumer

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