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For those who thought Geometry sucked in high school…


This kind of stuff is what inspires me to go back to school and get a grad degree in…Math? Geometry?

The video is rather lengthy but its put into steps via simple animations so as to understand fully the process for inverting a sphere composed of a theoretical material that can infinitely pass through itself, bend, stretch and twist but cannot be pinched, torn, cut, or pierced.

[UPDATE – per a reader’s request/inquiry]

Not Knots – part 1

Not Knots – part 2


4 thoughts on “For those who thought Geometry sucked in high school…

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  2. This is a great movie! I think if I didn’t know anything about it, this would make it so easy for me to understand what’s going on.

    There should be more movies like these! It’s a great educational tool.

  3. I am so glad I am not the only math nerd around… j/k

    I bet you could find more videos of this sort if you look up “The Geometry Center”. Obviously this is not your high school geometry. I can’t imagine how the hell the guys in the pre-computer days, came up with those other methods.

    If you like this stuff Nikita, then I highly recommend the book “The Elegant Universe” by Brian Green. Its about string theory and is a fast read even to a layman such as myself. There is also a PBS series on it if you live in the states.

  4. I found the Fabric of the Cosmos in that it went through more details, more aspects and hence delivered quite a lot more information. After all, the Elegant Universe was Greene’s first try.

    So, especially if you have enjoyed the Elegant Universe, I sure do recommend the Fabric of the Cosmos!

    Take my word for it.

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