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As my eyes glaze over… Some Community Input Please?


I have been pluggin’ away at my pet project for a while now. Learned a little here about PHP5, a little there about MySQL and a quite a bit over yonder about AMFPHP.

Up until now, I was doing all of my PHP/MySQL communication by hand. Manually coding queries in PHP is rather intense for a noob. Plus it broadens my rather narrow OO mind. But I think its time to graduate to the big leagues now. I am really wanting to implement some sort of MVC or ORM type framework onto my project so that I can focus on developing my application more efficiently.

The problem is that there is a wealth of these frameworks out there and very little in the way of melding them specifically with my technology combination: Flex – AMFPHP – MySQL – Apache. Firstly, my eye glaze over when I start to read highly-technical documents on integration. These folks write these things as though you have been working with their technology for decades. Nope, I am new and need some noobie documentation please.

So I pose this question to my fellow developers: Have you any experience with a particular ORM/MVC framework working with AMFPHP & MySQL?  Can you give me some input on the pros/cons for combining them with AMFPHP Specifically any of these:

  • Propel
  • Creole
  • Symfony
  • Seagull
  • CakePHP
  • any others I don’t know of?

I look forward to your responses.



7 thoughts on “As my eyes glaze over… Some Community Input Please?

  1. I know CakePHP has some integration with AMFPHP, but not sure how much integration has been done lately.

    Flex/AMFPHP kind overlap with many UI/CMS/View type frameworks. You might want to look at frameworks that can help with your services layer. For this Zend Framework has many classes that can help, but AMFPHP by it self also is pretty straight forward when using classes and RemoteObject.

    There is no simple answer because the pieces fit together differently when you throw out the HTML and handle everything asynchronously with Flex on the UI side. Thats not to say you can have a HTML site with Flex widgets etc… but then the architecture is different and you have different needs.

  2. I think my issue is trying to get some sort of ORM framework installed. Doing the whole Flex AMFPHP part is rather straight forward, but having to man-handle all of the MySQL PHP communication is rather overwhelming and I know ORM handles this.

    Do you know of any good ORM implementations with Flex and AMFPHP?


  3. I haven’t done any PHP in a while but when I last looked into frameworks Code Igniter (http://codeigniter.com/) was the best in terms of power vs simplicity. I think I read somewhere about a way to use amfphp easily with it – could be worth looking into…

  4. Looking into these things further I am not too enthused about using CakePHP. CodeIgniter sounds promising. I also saw something on RIAForge called FlexCRUD but it hasn’t been updated since early 2007 and almost looks abandoned. Does anyone have any input on FlexCRUD?


  5. Hi,

    didn’t use it yet but seems to do the trick:


    uses phpdoctrine orm which seems to become the ulimate php orm

    also flexcrud uses cairngorm which is nice in my opinion

    thanx for sharing your insights on this blog


  6. You know I was really excited about finding FlexCRUD. But then I had a bit of dialog with the creator and it seems to me that there will be no further development on it. I didn’t even see any documentation for it and the examples were a little hard to follow.

    Let me know if you have any input or luck working with FlexCRUD.

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