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Need some extra cash? I got a small gig for you then


Normally I wouldn’t put this kind of a post on my site but I am finding myself running into a bit of a time crunch with a personal project of mine.  I am in need of a) a mentor or teacher and b) some good ol’ fashioned working, readable code.

Here’s the scoop.  I need someone who has had experience working with PHP, MySQL and some sort of ORM framework.  Specifically I need someone to teach me about the proper way of getting those 3 things working properly (e.g. integration in my current code base).  Then I will try to get them to work with my AMFPHP/Flex RIA.  However I may need some assistance in this as well.

Yes, I could spend hours researching this (which I have invested many hours doing so).  But I know my limits when it comes to self-exploration and the opportunity costs in doing so are too high.  Time is my most precious commodity.   So are you interested?   If so then read on.   I don’t really care if you have 10+ years in the field or some high school kid, just so long as you know your stuff.  All you need is to meet the following requirements:

  • proficient in PHP & MySQL w/ knowledge of a ORM technology
  • located in the USA (I don’t really want to deal with huge time differences)
  • speak English proficiently
  • the ability to articulate your points well so that a noob can understand them
  • have a paypal account (I don’t want to screw around with cash, check , etc.)
  • have skype (its free for skype to skype calls and a free download) or some IM client
  • have maybe 4-8 hours to do this to start

If you meet the requirements send an email (no comments on the blog please) to jwopitz (at) gmail (dot) com with the following information:

  • location in the US
  • code samples for PHP (remember a php noob is reading this, but a developer too)
  • skype and IM information
  • price per hour for your help

I look forward to hearing from you.


3 thoughts on “Need some extra cash? I got a small gig for you then

  1. hey, have you run across flexamfcodegen? doesn’t look nearly as clean as flexcrud (which i’m also having trouble finding documentation for), but it it works (as long as you don’t use crazy things like, oh, tinyints and enums).

  2. Hi Dylan.

    No I haven’t heard of this. But thanks for the lead. Let me know if you get anything going with either this or FlexCRUD. I talked to the guy who made FlexCRUD and he seemed rather indifferent to the idea of furthering its development. Kinda like he made it for some project, it worked and he has wiped his hands clean of it now. But if it has a solid framework and we can get it up and running again, maybe he’d be open to having us take over the project.


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