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cool tip for the unplugged mac users: ctrl+option+apple+8


Just learned this cool tip for Mac users (thanks Mike O.!)  So when you’re working unplugged and really want to optimize battery usage, you can invert the colors on your screen.  Just push ctrl-option-propeller-8 and whalla!  and inverted screen.  So why is this so cool.  Well think of it this way:  Every non-black pixel requires power to illuminate it.  If you use Eclipse, then most likely you are seeing lots of white.  By inverting the color scheme, you have greatly reduced the number of white pixels showing, and in theory is using less power.  Also the inversion of colors makes it easier to read in low-light situations.

The only issue that  have is that it makes it very hard to find your cursor when over a large text input contol.   But I am sure there is a simple fix to that too.

Cool find no?


2 thoughts on “cool tip for the unplugged mac users: ctrl+option+apple+8

  1. Unfortunately, LCDs don’t work that way.

    Your LCD has a backlight, a black pixel is a block of opaque color, filtering out the backlight.

    Its the lightbulb behind your lcd that draws most of the power 🙂

    I dunno how oleds work.

  2. Well I won’t argue that one as I have no understanding of the inner workings of LCDs but I know for a fact that I have extended the battery usage by at least 30 minutes by using this technique.

    Maybe its the combination of using the lowest illumination setting w/ the inverted color scheme that is producing the longer battery life.

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