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Bounty Issued: Find the culprit and fix it


Looks like a bounty hunter has stepped up to the task and fixed my issue.  Right on man!  Now I am sure I will be running into more AMF + POG + PHP issues in the future.  If they get too time consuming or just can’t get em, I will be issuing further bounties.  Thanks for the help R.E.!!!

So I have been really trying to tackle the whole ORM thing for a while now. I sometimes suspect that AMFPHP is just a pain. It deceivingly allows simple transactions between Flex, AMF, and MySQL when making manual queries. But trying to get it working with various frameworks just does not want to work. The only ORM I have successfully gotten to work with it is Junction which, though working and simple enough, has a funky API I just don’t like. Maybe if no other WORKING options are available, I will just digest it and proceed. But being OCD, I want something for me that makes a helluva lot of sense.

Enter POG. For those of you who don’t know what POG is, it stands for PHP Object Generator. The API is exactly what I am looking for. Simply update the object properties much like you would any ActionScript object. Okay so enough of the honeymoon BS. It works great outside of AMFPHP. But the minute it needs to work in concert with AMFPHP, if it makes any database call, it likes to crap out. Either it can’t seem to find the PDO driver, or it fails silently or some other stupid unknown reason.

I am issuing a bounty (a.k.a. monetary reward). I am going to be uploading my test project which will include the deployment and the flex source. If you can successfully make this P.O.S. work, then I will sending $150+ your way (if you think this is not enough, then let’s talk about it). Forums and user groups can get your far, but only so far. Here is(are?) the criteria:

  • make a flex to service call entailing a successful CRUD method.
  • have flex respond reflecting an ActionScript VO representation of the POG object.
  • have the AMFPHP browser successfully be able to test the services.
  • ensure that this will work in my dev environment which is MAMP (I really don’t want to have to mess with new environments. MAMP works great for me in many capacities).

Why am I issuing this bounty. Many reasons but the main two are:

  • The opportunity costs for me trying to aimlessly figure this out on my own have cost me dearly. I’d rather make better use of someone else’s time by paying for their expertise allowing me to truly focus on the end game of getting my application out to the public.
  • If there is a successfully melding of Flex + AMFPHP + POG, then we have just introduced a huge opening for the use of a very simple ORM framework. No more complex setups, no more funky APIs, no more manual queries. Just easy OOP the whole way throughout the development process. That way you as fellow developers do not incur costly opportunity costs as I have.

The test project source can be downloaded here. I look forward to some bounty hunters emailing me 😉 => jwopitz (at) gmail.


5 thoughts on “Bounty Issued: Find the culprit and fix it

  1. Author, it’s your best post in this blog. I sent it to all my friends! Big thanks for article.

  2. Hi there, like the concept of using POG with fl;ex and amfphp, what was the solution to your issue?
    would you mind posting it?

  3. that would be greatly appreciated!
    thanks, Marc

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