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jwolib: Pod gets a much needed update


Since most people instantiate container type classes via MXML rather than in AS3, it made sense to be able to add title bar components to Pod via MXML rather than the tedious addTitleBarComponent method.

Now if you want to add title bar components to a Pod instance, you can do so declaratively.   Check out titleBarChildren.

You can view an implementation of this here – link


9 thoughts on “jwolib: Pod gets a much needed update

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  4. When adding a component to a pod container using the ‘titleBarChildren’ approach, I’ve yet to find a way to toggle the visibility of the component. Is there a trick I’m missing? Thanks!

  5. if you are saying titleBarChildren.push(component) then you are not using it correctly. titleBarChildren is really only for MXML purposes.

    Instead try using pod.addTitleBarComponent(component) and see if that solves your issues.

    Above all else, keep me posted and I will help however I can.

  6. I’m not using titleBarChildren.push(component). I’m using this:


  7. Looks like the mxml didn’t post, sorry. I’m using the same source as your example flex (pod) app — no changes except adding “visible=false” to the component — and it will still be visible. I can disable the component, and I can hide it later in the application execution. But initially, it will always ignore the visible property.

  8. Hi hsTed. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to recreate the problem on my end. I tried all approaches to add a component to the title bar area, and was able to successfully toggle the visibility.

    NM the above comment. I AM able to recreate this after I read your comments more carefully. I am looking into this now.

  9. Just an FYI for you folks using the Pod class. Because the title bar children are not directly accessible from the invalidation process. That being said I will be implementing a fix real soon.

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