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Flex Builder Tip: shortcuts for capitalization & commenting


My buddy just shared a few new (new to us at least) keyboard shortcuts in Flex Builder that you might enjoy. Keep in mind this was discovered on FB3 & a mac. Highlight some text in either an MXML or AS3 file.

  • to quick comment: apple + shift + c
  • to quick capitalize: apple + shift + x

Ping back if you know of some more that a) work for FB and b) have the windows equivalent.  I’d be really interested in finding the two shortcuts that reverse the two above.


6 thoughts on “Flex Builder Tip: shortcuts for capitalization & commenting

  1. I always used to use ctrl-M to maximize active view or editor in FB2. On a mac, it’s probably apple + M
    In FB3, I’ve started to use the fast view option a lot more so I don’t have to wait for the screen to do its refresh during maximize, plus you can see just the view that you need. I’ve added a few of my own shortcuts so I can access these a little easier also.

  2. ctrl + F8 to switch views (dev mode to debug mode) is my favorite along with auto imports. Go to the end of a Class name thats not imported and press ctrl space. I note on macs that the standard “show intellesense menu” keys, that are usually mapped to quicksilver though.

    Turn off auto build in Flex builder and you’ll the builder will be much faster, then use ctrl + b to do builds. Debugging shortcut keys help alot too, F5 – F8.

  3. My favourite of late is Ctrl+Shift+R, then type the first few letters of a class name, to open a specific class

  4. See list of all shortcuts: Ctrl-Shift-L or Apple-Shift-L

  5. to uncomment: apple+shift+c again (ctrl+/ also works)
    to lowercase: apple+shift+y

    to do any kind of effective debugging – learn the F5-8 keys
    F5 = step into (takes you into a method call)
    F6 = step over (runs the next line)
    F7 = step out (pops you out of this method into the calling one)
    F8 = run (until the next breakpoint)

    ctrl-f11: re-run last test
    f11: debug last test

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