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AS3 MediaCoreLib alpha release


My buddy Mike Orth and I just wrapped up some pretty cool features for the MediaCoreLib.  Rather than write something orignal, I will just steal some of what Mike wrote on his blog:

MediaCoreLib – Here’s an easy way to play rich media content (audio, video) inside Flash or Flex and manage it all in one place.

The new MediaCoreLib alpha release includes an extensive PlaylistManager as well as a merging of my FadingSound component to allow for crossfading between tracks. For a more info check out the Google code repository…..

His full post can be found here – link

MediaCoreLib project home – link
XFade adv. testing app – link

Please leave us some feedback and feature requests.  We have some really neat features in store for the next release!


3 thoughts on “AS3 MediaCoreLib alpha release

  1. This project looks pretty much interesting
    any news for a beta release ?

  2. Bad news
    Are sources available somewhere, somehow?

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