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as3isolib.display.IsoSprite added (w/ tutorial)


details as follows:

  • project home – link
  • IsoSprite docs – link
  • IsoSprite tutorial – link

10 thoughts on “as3isolib.display.IsoSprite added (w/ tutorial)

  1. This is great!

    I can’t wait for the next release versions/updates and what this lib will be capable of doing. Please keep working on this πŸ™‚

    My only request is what you mentioned here on your previous post:”- simplicity is a must and I don’t want to bog down the flash player with advanced lighting and rendering techniques. Let it do what it is good at doing.”

    I would like to see some shading at least… like lets say there is a red box on the iso stage, and you want one side of the box be darker or lighter depending on where the light source is coming from… does this make sense? I think this would be great… and maybe textures… that is all πŸ˜€

  2. Hi Gregory. Thanks for the feedback. There is already a means to do that. By default any IsoPrimitive will have the front left face shaded darker than the rest. However this is an explicitly set value thru faceColors. Hopefully in the future I plan to have a few properties like just color in which it shades all faces to that color and depending on if soemthing like shadowing = true, it would auto create the faceColors to get the appropriate shading based on a base color. Also maybe have some directional parameters for the shading.

    Thanks. J

  3. Nice work!! Looking good! I would like to ask a couple questions regarding as4 conversion and possibly doing some extension to blit screen objects and map data – would be much less taxing on the graphics side of things. Been doing some of my own iso and completed a very nice tile fringe routine in as4

  4. @Jerome
    Do you mean as2 => as3 conversion? as4 does not exist and won’t for some time. Please feel free to ask away though as I am happy to answer any questions about the as3isolib. However I do ask that you direct your questions to the as3isolib users’ group so that others may benefit from the dialogue – http://groups.google.com/group/as3isolib-users-group

    Thanks. J

  5. thanks…meant cs4 – flash player 10.

  6. very nice work… you flat out killed it with this. i’ve been surrounded by beautiful people and beer all day and have been totally unable to look away from my computer. sweet work and congrats.

  7. Interesting post. thank’s!

  8. Interesting post. thanks!
    cool blog!

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