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Living Furniture


For the last 4 months I have been reading Frank Herbert’s Dune books.  For those of you who saw the silly 80’s movie or the stupid Sci-Fi Channel’s mini-series, you are sorely missing out on the real deal.  I hate to sound cliche´ but yeah, the books are so much better than the movies.  Anyhow, in Heretics of Dune, several references are made to “chairdogs”.  Chairdogs are living furniture, semi-sentient beings who are purposely bred as furniture.  Chairdogs conform to the sitter’s desired posture and can sense stress, thus producing a massaging effect.  Very Sci-Fi indeed.  Or is it?

How I stumbled upon this I forget but the concept of living furniture is not science fiction at all.  In fact Peter & Becky Cook have been involved in living furniture since the late 90’s.  Check it out – link


2 thoughts on “Living Furniture

  1. Are they living? It is terrible to sit down on such arm-chair. It seems that it can grasp you.

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