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jwolib – new release 2008.12.15


A user of the lib brought to my attention a major flaw in my default styling setup.  This new release address the default styling as well as a few things regarding the TileCanvas’s itemRenderer (IFactory) generator class (now can use UIComponent, should implement IDataRenderer for best use).

jwolib 2008.12.15 (includes src, asdocs & SWC) – link


5 thoughts on “jwolib – new release 2008.12.15

  1. With the TileCanvas, If I set the datasource though MXML, nothing renders

    It only seems to work if setting the dataProvider in ActionScript as your example shows.

  2. are you saying something like


    If so are you using the array tag in it as well? I think the data provider property will only accept collection type classes and should be grouped with a tag of that nature.

  3. for soem reason it didn’t display the xml:


  4. Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. I was building a prototype and attempting to just quickly incorporate the TileCanvas using mock data exactly as you shown in the above comment. The tiles wouldn’t render, but I could still drag around some invisible objects. After populating the dp with actionscript like your example, it worked fine

  5. Ok I tracked this problem down. The fix is quite extensive and will be incorporated into a bigger refactoring of the component. I am not sure if you are looking to wait a while or not, but if not, the problem is basically that when you declare the dataprovider via MXML, it is trying to render the item renderers rather than waiting for the invalidation process to take place.

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