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Flash Component Development

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My current client’s project is pretty much Flash only.  As such I have been working on some Flash-based component development.  My expertise lies in Flex-based components so this is an exploration of some sorts.

[Notes to Self]

Flash <=> Flex comparison:

creation process:

  • configUI() = createChildren()

validation process:

  • invalidate() = invalidateProperties(), invalidateSize(), invalidateDisplayList():The Flash UIComponent basically lumps all of the Flex invalidation methods into one
  • draw():This takes place at the beginning of the validation process.  It takes care of applying styles and drawing the focus rectangle.  I would most likely perform both the commitProperties() and measure() method logic here. NOTE: I say validation process not validate() which takes place later.
  • validate():This is called after the draw() method during the validation phase.  It looks to be intended for usage much like the updateDisplayList() method.

Please feel free to correct my observations since I am rather new to Flash component development.


One thought on “Flash Component Development

  1. My observations:
    1. invalidate() – you need to pass parameter to invalidate method like InvalidationType.****

    2. You can directly set the property of a child component in a setter method even if it is not created (but better to stick with flex style, i.e. assuming that they will be created later)

    3. Use of invalidation/validation flags, in draw method

    4. You can use Tweening (if required) in your component, without a performance issue. 😀


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