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The future is here: sixth sense technology

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As portrayed in movies such as Minority Report, Lost in Space and many others, the concept of digital content and user experience projected on almost any surface is no longer science fiction but a reality.

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The folks at MIT have once again brought science fiction into the realm of science reality.  They have combined everyday technology (a digital camera, projector, mobile computer device and some multi colored tape) to create a wearable and portable user interface.  I won’t bore you with the long laundry list of possibilities in which this is potentially useful (as the video gives plenty of examples) but I will reiterate that this type of cheap yet practical and assistive technology brings us much closer to what many science fiction writers have envisions for our near future.

Given Moore’s Law coupled with ever shrinking camera technology, the demand for ubiquitous multi touch interfaces and a general demand for goofy gadgetry such as all this jazz, you can expect a more practical and inconspicuous setup in the very near future.


One thought on “The future is here: sixth sense technology

  1. waiting for the technology to be open source

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