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My Favorite Place on the Planet & a Site to Boot!

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Palo Duro Canyon is the second biggest canyon network in America.  It pales in comparison to the Grand Canyon however, due to its smaller size it is quite a bit more accessible for a multitude of activities.  More info can be had here – link

A few things to note.  The Texas Panhandle is pretty darn flat.  Not quite as flat as some areas of Southwest Kansas but pretty close.  To an outsider, growing up in Amarillo, TX might seem like a boring time to a youngster.  And to some that may be so.   But as a kid, my folks impressed upon me the beauty of the outdoors and introduced me to PDC at an early age.  It offers breathtaking vistas, extensive mountain biking and hiking trails and several camping areas for tent and RV campers alike.  I have logged many hours biking and hiking PDC.

The real reason I wanted to post about this is to not only tell you how awesome PDCanyon is, but I want you to see it in 3D.  Check out this 360 cam with several views of my favorite place in the world – link


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