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fix: voicemail icon on Verizon Droid won’t go away


If you have found that you have a voicemail icon stuck in your notifications area on your Verizon Droid, then you are not alone.  I just got my Droid this past weekend.  I love it and it’s saved my rear several times already.  But as a user of Google Voicel, I have found the voicemail notification icons are sticking in the notification area.  Clearing all notifications does not work.  Here is the issue: somehow Google Voicel is completely bypassed and the caller is sent to your Verizon voicemail.  So if you think, “hey dammit, I HAVE cleared all my voicemails on google and none remain, what’s the deal man?” then you technically do have a new voicemail pending your listening.

Let’s fix this:

  1. log into google voice on a computer
  2. find the settings page and locate your phone
  3. hit “Deactivate Google Voicemail for this phone” (this snapshot shows activate, but it’s in the same place)
  4. save your settings
  5. on your Droid goto: Settings => Call Settings => Voicemail Service. You should see only your carrier listed here.  Select it.
  6. Then hit Voicemail Settings and enter *86 as the voicemail number.
  7. Give it a few moments, then call you voicemail and clear out your messages.

I won’t bother showing you how to turn Google Voice back on.  I haven’t done it but I assume it’s the reverse procedure.


21 thoughts on “fix: voicemail icon on Verizon Droid won’t go away

  1. Thanks so much! I thought I broke my phone on the beach. This totally fixed the problem. Thanks again.

  2. You can also simply dial *86 to clear it vs going through deactivation and reactivating google voice.

  3. “Setting The Record Straight”:
    I’ve tried to do that, but I still can’t access the verizon voicemail. It just goes to my google voice announcement. Please advise.

  4. yeah I tried that too, by activating with Google Voice, you end up having *86 dial into their service instead of Verizon.

    Unfortunately this is the only option I know of to fix this. If you find another, please post back and I can update the post with new info.

  5. You have to dial *73 from your phone after you deactivate the service from the google voice site and then do *86 after you change the carrier settings. If not, when you dial *86 it will still go to google voice for the VM retrieval.

  6. These steps didn’t quite work for me as the deactivate button was not available instead i had to do the following:

    1. Call *73
    2. Call *900
    3. Call *920
    At this point the google voicemail was disabled, but *86 would still dial into it on me, I however found:
    4. Call my own cell phone’s # via the cell phone (not via google voice).
    5. Listen to and delete the voice mail.
    6. Follow the directions on google voice to activate voicemail again (call *73)

  7. Ahem, that step 6 should mention call *73[Google Voice Number], there are directions for this on google voice though if you click “activate google voicemail”.

  8. What worked for me on Verizon Motorola Droid, I called my cell from a landline and left myself a message. I then called my cell phone to retrieve my message. I listened to my message then deleted it. Stinking icon is now gone. Hope this helps.

  9. I should have mentioned that I do not have Google voice,I use Hotmail MSN but I had the same issue.

  10. Last posting, sorry, when I deleted my message,the clear button appeared on my notification bar and was able to clear the voicemail icon.

  11. This is the correct way:

    1) Deactivate Google Voice voicemail in your GV settings
    2) From your cell dial *73
    3) From your cell call your verizon voicemail
    4) Delete the message

    Then to reactivate your Google Voice voicemail:
    1) Activate Google Voice voicemail in your GV settings
    2) Dial *71XXX-XXX-XXXX (obviously the Xs represent your phone number)

    The major problem people encounter when they dial their voicemail from their phone is they don’t realize it is actually google voice they are calling. It sounds like VZW voicemail but there are some key differences. The main difference is google voice tells you it will “Archive” your message not “Delete” it. Please note these are 2 very different voicemail systems. If your phone continues to go to google voice when dialing your voicemail from your phone you have not followed the steps above. Hope this helps.

    BTW The phone I had this issue with was the BB 9650 Bold.

  12. I found this helpful. I just want to add to this so that someone doing a search similar to what I was doing will find this more quickly. My problem was that someone had done a “forward” to my Verizon voicemail box from his so I could listen to that message he got. I think the same problem would arise if another Verizon user hit the #2 option “to send a message now” from his or her Verizon voice mail box. Seems like that would be the main way someone could get a message into your Verizon box rather than the Google voice mail box. Seems like Verizon should shut off that functionality for customers that use Google.

  13. Sweet God and baby Jesus. I have read 400 forums and articles on this issue.

    NO ONE says to change the number to *86 but you.

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. OMG you rock…only thing that worked for me too…may your day be filled with gold and diamonds

  15. Perfect! Thanks much, KK

  16. This worked like a charm, thanks!

    I’m still not sure how the message bypassed google voice in the first place (it was illegible, but I think receiving an international call and/or being out of range of cell towers had something to do with it)

  17. I am so disappointed! So many others seem to have gotten rid of this stupid icon, but even after following every suggestion listed, (most I did several times), IT’S STILL THERE! Even after I deleted every message from both my Verizon and Google voice-mailboxes. And yes, I am sure I accessed and emptied both mailboxes. I’ve also powered-off several times, and removed and replaced the battery. The only thing that HAS changed–somehow I, (or maybe just the @#*$ phone), must have time-traveled to 1969. That’s when the notification says I received the phantom message. It was previously dated 6/15/11 (the day this icon first darkened my doorstep, so to speak). Does anyone have any other ideas, short of buying a new @#$!ing phone? I so love, and also hate, my Droid. Thanks in advance! 😉

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