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Tip: Eclipse Open Resource AutoComplete trick


A colleague of mine at work sent out this wonderful trick when using a the Open Resource window (ctrl/cmd + shift + r (PC/Mac)) the other day.  Mr. Polanco (see comments below) also informs us this works for the Open Type (ctrl/cmd + shift + t) as well as the Actionscript and MXML code hinting.  Thank you James!   Say you are wanting to open the following resource:


And say you have similarly named resources such as:


Now you can go the wildcard route by trying “*View” but what if you have many other names appended with “View”.  Here is a neat trick to bypass some of that lengthy typing. Try to target your resource like so:




By typing the CamelCase, the search mechanism will find all matches from the upper case letter until it hits the next upper case letter.  I hope I did a decent job explaining, I’d show some pics  but it’s for a client so…..


3 thoughts on “Tip: Eclipse Open Resource AutoComplete trick

  1. When using Flash Builder this also works on the Open Type dialog and inside ActionScript and MXML code hinting. It doesn’t work consistently with the new file type wizards, which I feel is a bug. Good stuff!

  2. Cool. Now if only I could get cmd+shift+R to work in Debug perspective of FB4!

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