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Tip: Charles Web Debugger Repeat Request

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[note to self]

Funny things happen when you aren’t looking at your screen while typing. While trying to open a resource in Flex using the ctrl + shift + R command, I didn’t realize I had Charles Web Debugger open. Upon doing so, it sent the service request again that I had highlighted while inspecting the results.

This is useful when you are debugging a web client, and not necessarily wanting to go through sometimes lengthy User eXperiences to request the data again. Next steps would be to see about actually manipulating the request data. Not sure if that is possible via AMF service calls though.


One thought on “Tip: Charles Web Debugger Repeat Request

  1. yes it is possible to edit the request data, i do it all the time. Right-click on the request in the list and choose “edit” 😉

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