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Clearspot 4G + XBox 360 NAT Configuration


I use my xbox 360 basically as a glorified DVD/Netflix player for a good long while now.  I have been using the Clear USB Modem for my computer for working remotely for some time.  But for home use I had AT&T’s DSL.   Since moving to my new apartment, I had to find another ISP solution.  And since I was already a Clear customer, it made sense to downgrade from my Clear USB 4G+ to the Clearspot 4G.  This allows me to a) reduce my bill by about $10/month, AND b) connect more than one device to my ISP.

The Clearspot works not only as a modem but also a wifi router.  Out of the box, my PC and Mac connect with no issue.  I can even watch Netflix on my computer with no issue.  Using XBOX Live, however, is not as functional as it should be.  Trying to watch Netflix on the XBOX WILL work but not without the frustration of frequent adjustments to playback quality as well as being completely kicked off of Netflix and XBOX Live in some cases.

Rather than go on an on let’s get to the solution:

1. Determine the XBOX’s MAC address and/or IP address when connected to the Clearspot

On a connected computer navigate to the Clearspot Settings Webpage – (this may be different for your device).  You need to find the IP address that corresponds to your XBOX’s MAC address.  Luckily there is a menu in the XBOX.  Open your XBOX Dashboard and find the following menu:

My Xbox => System Settings => Network Settings => ( select your Clearspot Modem from the listed modem* ) => Configure Network.

* If your modem is not listed, then you need to research how to connect to your clearspot.

Now under the Configure Network menu, you should see your Xbox’s IP Address listed.  If you Clearspot IP Address started with then your Xbox’s IPA should look like (# being the additional digit assigned to the address, in my case

Match that up on the Clearspot Settings Webpage, mine is in red below (make note of the MAC Address AND IPA):

2. Reserve an IP Adress for your Xbox

Now that you have your IPA and MAC address of your Xbox, you need to reserve an IPA for the Xbox.  Navigate to the Basic Tab, LAN Settings in your Clearspot Settings Page.  From the Client MAC dropdown menu, find your Xbox’s MAC address, click the “<<” button and then type the last 2 digits of the Xbox’s IPA address.

Basically all we are doing here is making sure that we do not dynamically assign another device to the IPA or the Xbox to another IPA.

3. Set up Port Forwarding

You need to set up port forwarding to the Xbox.  I do not quite understand the technical details behind how this works, but Microsoft has a nice webpage that tells you what you need to know about Port Forwarding (http://bit.ly/ia00sL).

Enter that data here:

4. Save

5. Restart your Clearspot 4G

  1. Turn off the Clearspot,
  2. Wait 15-30 seconds,
  3. Turn it back on,
  4. Test the connection with your computer,
  5. Then test the Xbox.

All this information was taken from actually talking with Clear’s Tech Support.  I had to talk to a few people before talking to a Level 2 Tech Support Person. The guy was SUPER helpful, spoke clearly and I know the guy wasn’t some person on the other side of the globe reading from a script.  I forgot his name but I thanked him plenty.


17 thoughts on “Clearspot 4G + XBox 360 NAT Configuration

  1. why does it ask for a username and password for admin server

  2. Because if your Clearspot is in close proximity to other users and they know the IP Address to try to login, not having and admin username and password can allow them to make changes to your system. Effectively they would have hacked your network.

    One thing I have done to further secure my network since I live in an apartment building is to use the Mac Address Whitelist option. Then only my devices have access to the clearspot.

  3. how do i use the mac address whitelist option

    • you’d need to find the correct screen under Basics -> MAC address filter, then make sure you have the Allow (whitelist) selected under the MAC Address Filter Settings. Next just add the MAC addresses of the machines you want to permit.

  4. Thank you for this useful post!

  5. my friends ip address is the same as the one above would that be the clearspot settings webpage

    • yes. is set to your computer’s localhost by default (I think this should be true on both Mac & PC), therefore everyone who uses a clearspot, upon entering that IPAddress should see their modem settings.

  6. You said ” I know the guy wasn’t some person on the other side of the globe reading from a script”
    What is wrong with someone from the side of the globe? You guys should stop this kind of mentality of other people from different race because we are all of the same race. These kinds of behavior gives bad name for America.

    • While I appreciate your feedback, I must respectfully disagree with your basis of argument. Firstly to answer your question, there is nothing wrong with someone from the other side of the globe. However, customer support across the board has declined over the last two decades. Many American companies who outsource their customer service have lower customer satisfaction rates. Being an American, dealing with what I feel is an American company, I feel it is important and more comforting dealing with a customer support representative based state-side than one based on another continent. Reasons being:

      – I feel that person and I can relate in a similar cultural fashion,
      – chances are I will have a better time understanding them and they understanding me due to likelihood of sharing a mother tongue and
      – I feel better about a company that has a vested interest in America by providing jobs to people here in America

      I think having a knee-jerk reaction to a rather innocuous, factually-based opinion is more detrimental to the American image, fueling an already overly-sensitive populace.

    • Oh shut up!!!!!! They are unhelpful, and frustrating…


  7. that’s still port forwarding. how can you configure the NAT from moderate to open?

    • Sorry Gino, I am not knowledgeable enough about the XBOX or the Clearspot to really know the difference. I’m just relaying what worked for me based on Clear’s customer support person.

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