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Note to Self: Spark State Exclusions

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[Note to Self]

In some cases you may develop a particular UX to have nested state exclusion such as:

<s:Group excludeFrom="default">
    <s:Group excludeFrom="stateB"/>


You will encounter this Compile-Time Error:

Component cannot be realized within state ‘default’ because an ancestor is excluded from ‘default’.

The intent being that the outer group is excluded from only one state, however you also want to apply additional exclusions to that group’s children, in this case, the child group ALSO being excluded from “stateB”.  To recap the child group is to be exclude from both “default” and “stateB”.


You must explicitly define all state exclusions to the nested objects like so:

<s:Group excludeFrom="default">
    <s:Group excludeFrom="default, stateB"/>

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