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Permissions-Based UXs in Angular Using Directives

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the problem

A UI may want to present some content in a read-only state, only allowing the user to interact with said content if they are permitted to do so.  I won’t argue the merits/demerits of this particular UX, only how to solve this requirement.

the solution

.directive( 'permissions', [
     function( popupService, sessionService ){

          return {
              restrict: 'A',
              priority: -1,
              link: function( $scope, elem, attrs ){

                   elem.on( 'click', function( evt ){
                        if ( !sessionService.user.isPremium )

                             $scope.$apply( function(){
                                  popupService.show( ... )

You can see the original question/answer here – http://stackoverflow.com/a/38439845/1121919


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