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AngularJS: See if Angular is Using JQuery or JQLite

It’s as easy as:

//true if angular is using jQuery, false if using jqLite
angular.element === window.jQuery

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Angular: ngBackspace Directive

I’m not entirely sure why certain keys on a keyboard fire keydown but not keyup, some fire keypress while others don’t and then in the backspace’s case, it only fires on keyup.  Nevertheless I found myself in need of triggering action on backspace.

[gist https://gist.github.com/jusopi/b89fb2cd31a2da8d0fed]

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Notes on Angular 2014.06.10

I was trying to draw parallels in AngularJS and something like RobotLegs (which is my preferred MVC framework when building Flex/Flash applications).  Here are some interesting findings:

$scope.$root == $rootScope

There is no need to inject both $scope & $rootScope in a controller definition.  $scope is enough.


Angular has a built in event dispatching mechanism outside of the normal event dispatcher paradigm we see in JavaScript and ActionScript.  For those ActionScript developers, $emit is the equivalent of dispatching a bubbling event that bubbles up through the display list.  However in this case, Angular is bubbling up the $scope hierarchy.  This bubbles up towards the $rootScope


This is the opposite of bubbling up an event.  In this case, it’s drilling down descendent $scopes in the $scope hierarchy.

putting it all together