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Trello Label Override Style via Stylish

At my current gig we use Trello to track tasks, bugs, agile-ish info, etc.  One of the biggest issues I had was that once you have more labels than there are available colors, your labels become meaningless.  So I wrote a stylish style to a) display the actual label values, and b) as a bonus, prioritize based on priority, pts and then misc. labels.  A picture is worth a thousand words so….



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CSS: Flex-style gap between sibling elements

I was needing to add a gap between sibling elements.  In Flex, this was done on the parent container by simply adding a gap style to it:

<s:VGroup gap="10">
   <-- 10px vertical gap -->
   <-- 10px vertical gap -->

In HTML/CSS we’re not afforded the gap style.  Instead we have to approach this by using the child elements and their margin styles.

   <div class="gap-elem"/>
   <div class="gap-elem"/>
   <div class="gap-elem"/>

   margin-top: 10px;

I find this works with Angular’s ng-repeat directive nicely.  It might be worth writing a directive to simulate Flex’s application of the gap style.