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Personal: Tap Cancer Out

This isn’t anything to do with javascript or development.  Children and BJJ are 2 of my life’s loves and so I see it fitting to post things that I am passionate about here as well as development (not to say I’m not passionate about my work, I am).

Many of you know me as just a father, some of you know me just from BJJ. Children and BJJ are 2 of my passions in life. Both have changed my life forever. To know that we can put men on the moon, that we can land on an asteroid, that we have peered into the inner workings of our universe, but that we can’t save children suffering from cancer is heartbreaking.

On August 15th I’ll be competing in a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament. However, this is no ordinary fight. I am taking part in the 2015 Tap Cancer Out Summer BJJ Open and along with my competitors, I’ll be fighting for those who are in the fight of their lives – children with cancer.


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Trello Label Override Style via Stylish

At my current gig we use Trello to track tasks, bugs, agile-ish info, etc.  One of the biggest issues I had was that once you have more labels than there are available colors, your labels become meaningless.  So I wrote a stylish style to a) display the actual label values, and b) as a bonus, prioritize based on priority, pts and then misc. labels.  A picture is worth a thousand words so….


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Does Webstorm seem slow to regain focus when switching between applications? (Windows)


I’ve been using the Webstorm IDE for all my JavaScript/HTML/CSS development.  Like any developer, I’m constantly alt-tabbing between Webstorm and the Browser as well as other applications.  After Webstorm has been open for a while, it takes a good 5-10 seconds to snap out of its coma and retake focus.  This is highly annoying and very unproductive.  Doing a search for any possible fix wasn’t producing the results I wanted.  Then I had the bright idea to search under IntelliJ & JetBrains (rather than WebStorm).  And a simple solution was found


Simply open your preferences (File > Settings or ctrl+alt+s) then filter by ‘frame’.


Note that if you change your project’s files from outside Webstorm, you may need to manually synchronize Webstorm’s copy.  To do this, right-click on the folder in your project’s file structure and click synchronize. This only seems to occur on Windows machines due to how they access files (via some locking mechanism?).

src – https://devnet.jetbrains.com/docs/DOC-211


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