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Semi-Weekly Riddle: How Deep?


Answers for last week’s riddle “What is it” have been posted to the answers section.

A man strolling along happens upon a man digging a deep hole. “Good morning sir,” he said. “How deep is that hole?”. The laboring man digging the hole stopped and replied, “Guess. My height is exactly 5’10”.” The other then asked “How much deeper do you plan to go?”. “I am going twice as deep and then my head will be twice as far below ground as it is now above ground.” replied the laboring man.

Can you determine the current depth of the hole?


3 thoughts on “Semi-Weekly Riddle: How Deep?

  1. Can we post guesses in the comments?

  2. I’d prefer that you keep all guesses to yourself so that others may enjoy the post without the spoilers. After a week or so, feel free to post them here though.


  3. jwopitz
    its the best idea of this week i think

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